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Someone you love is grieving.

Seeing them in pain is hard. But what do you do? You want to help, but don’t want to overstep. You want to give them space, but let them know they’re supported. Do you bring up their loss? Show up with soup? Tell stupid jokes to make them laugh or try to? What if you get it wrong???

Every loss is different. Every person’s grief is different. Every grieving person’s needs are different.

It’s hard to know what to do, and we’re all so afraid we’ll make a mistake and hurt our loved one even more.

Below I’ve offered a Tarot exercise for insight on supporting a grieving loved one.

But first:

The Grief Spiral: Magick and Grieving
A Virtual Conversation With Mat Auryn And Courtney Weber

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A virtual conversation about Magick, Grief, and Healing

When loss happens, we may wonder many things:

 – If we’re Witches, why couldn’t we prevent this loss?
 – Are there any spells for closure?
 – Grief can make us feel less Magickal…does that make us “bad Witches”? 

Grief changes us. Magick changes us. Because grief changes us, grief is its own Magick. 

Join award-winning and best-selling authors Mat Auryn (Psychic Witch, Mastering Magick, and The Psychic Art of Tarot) and Courtney Weber (The Morrigan, Hekate: Goddess of Witches, and Sacred Tears: A Witch’s Guide To Grief)  for a conversation on using Magick as part of navigating grief. 

Virtual Event. Closed captioning provided.

Event WILL be recorded and sent to all ticket-holders after the event.
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To get insight from the Tarot on helping a grieving loved one, pull two cards from the deck like so:

The upright card is how you can show up for them. Imagine the horizontal card is what you can set aside for now…or stomp out all together! For the purposes of this exercise, don’t worry about reversals (unless you prefer to use them).

Here’s what the exercise looks like in action:

What they need: Ace of Pentacles
Material help, maybe even money. Help can also come through meals, work on the house, taking care of pets or children. They need tangible, practical help.

What they DON’T need: The World
The World is all about final conclusions, endings, and closure. This person is not ready for that and shouldn’t be rushed into it. Avoid changing the conversation away from their loss, encouraging them to “get over it,” or pretending it never happened.

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