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In a perfect world, we’d all get plenty of time to process our grief before facing the world again.

But even those fortunate enough to take plentiful time after their losses eventually must venture out into the world. Work, family, social obligations—they’re still out there and after a while, we’re ready to meet them.

Unfortunately, grief often behaves like a clingy ex-lover: although you may be ready to let Grief go, Grief isn’t ready to let you go.

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Grieving people are hard to be around.

We take things personally. Our fuses are shorter. We may not laugh at a joke, or we might laugh at something that isn’t funny to others. Sometimes, just getting out of the house feels strange.

Noises are louder. Lights are brighter. Others’ happiness can feel like an insult. How dare they be happy? Don’t they know what’s happened?

Time slows down. It also speeds up. Ten minutes crawl by, but then an hour evaporates.

You may find yourself forcing reactions to others’ stories and jokes, fumbling to remember how to laugh, or look impressed, or shocked, or even remember what an appropriate reaction might be.

Maybe, like me, you find yourself inadvertently monopolizing conversations, subconsciously increase the padding between you and your grief: If you’re talking, then maybe you’re not thinking about it.

If you are grieving a loss, no matter how recent or long ago, sometimes the world feels too big.

And sometimes, we have to face it, anyway.

If you have to face the world this Tarot spread may help orient you before venturing out:

1.) How getting out will help your grieving process

2.) How getting out might negatively impact your grieving process

3.) The North Star – What to focus on when things get hard

4.) Exit strategy – How to leave if things get too hard

5.) Where your help and support will come from while you’re out

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