pwease“Well, that’s a shame…” said a friend and co-Tarot conspirator. “But more for them than for you.” Yes, my friends. I am sorry to say that I am doing away with Tarot Tuesday. Maybe it’s the Mars energy. Some would also blame the Grand Cross, but in my shower-meditation this morning, I decided that I am absolutely done with whining. From now on, I promised myself, if someone whines to me about “not getting enough” or “not getting exactly what they want”, particularly of something of which I am gifting my time, I’m doing away with it. “Zero-tolerance policy for whining,” I put in my journal. “This starts today. I will not discuss, listen to, or feel out a complaint that does not come accompanied with a well-planned, honed, and crafted suggested solution.”

As per usual when I make a life-changing decision, the Universe presented me with an “Are you sure?” moment, in which I’m immediately tested as to whether my resolve is strong.

That moment, as it turned out, came on the heels of this week’s Tarot Tuesday.

I’ve written repeatedly about problems with whining about things offered to the community, the soul-cancer of ‘entitlement’and even thoughts about the difference between constructive criticism and pointless complaining. Unfortunately, I’m still not in charge of the world and so whining continues and honestly, I just can’t anymore.

cantEvery week, when I’ve posted Tarot Tuesday, I’ve fielded complaints from people whose questions I didn’t or wouldn’t answer, or insistence that I change the “go-time” to one that suits their schedules, or pushing me to answer more questions so they have a better chance at winning. When people didn’t win, they complained–sometimes in jest, often not.

“It’s promotional, y’all! Not a public service!”

I make nearly 50% of the living that supports me and my family through reading Tarot cards. I have bills to pay, creatures to feed, and two jobs to work–this was supposed to be a fun exercise to help draw attention to my business. But most of the time, it felt like I was expected to do more, give more, be available more for something meant to simply bring more attention to my work and giveaway a little something fun. It wasn’t fun anymore.

It was time to take a cue from the Universe and answer the question, “Are you sure?” with “I SURE AS SHIT AM!”

Friends, we’re in a terrible environmental crisis. We can’t be positive our descendents 3-4 generations out will even have a world to live in, let alone one worth living in. I believe that the deepest root of this crisis is humanity’s inability to be satisfied with “Enough.” Whining and demanding “MORE! GIVE ME MORE!” is a symptom of this broken Shadow on our Collective soul that desperately needs to be fixed if we’re going to make it on this planet. If I give into whining, I’m catering to poor behavior and perpetuating the idea that whining and demands are meant to be answered. I’m not doing it anymore.

Come on, people! Whining because I don’t give away *enough* or give something in a way that suits *you?* It’s a Tarot reading, not a basic human-right. If you’d really like to have a single-question answered, why not just purchase one from me?

I’m sorry if this impacts the many beautiful people who played the game fairly, or changewho then Tweeted or shared my link to help promote, or who later returned to purchase readings and share how much they liked them. But I’m saying no to whining on all levels of my life and when we’re ready to make a personal change, the time is never better than NOW.


There will be other promotions and super-fun Tarot things! I thank you all for listening and reading this far!