My new book is kicking my butt.

This one started out gentle, but moved quickly. I became too trusting and the book revealed its true nature: hard and slow. It won’t let me cut anything, it says it needs everything. It may be 10,000 pages when I’m done. (Note to editors: j/k, mostly.)

But here is a piece I did need to cut, but I hated doing it, so I blogged it. It’s from a section in a chapter called Blessed Messengers, and discusses The Lovers Card:

When I see the Lovers card, I notice the red rock mountain in the background and they remind me of the red rocks of Arizona, known world-wide for their healing properties. I see the woman looking toward Heaven for inspiration. I see a partner grounded to the earth, perhaps waiting for her to look his direction so he can remind her to stay focused in this realm even while she continues to search for wisdom from other worlds. The card reminds me that sometimes we as humans can get so caught up in our lives that we forget to look up and honor the beauty of the world we live in. It reminds me to listen.