Sometimes, when I wake in the morning, my first thought tries to give me a clue catskillsabout the day.

It’s often pretty nebulous. Most of the time, they’re pretty tame. Sometimes, they’re odd but turn out to be exciting. Yesterday, I woke up with what sounded like someone announcing the beginning of a Jimmy Buffet concert. Later that day, a friend invited me and Boyfriend away for a weekend. She and her husband had rented a house in the Catskills to go see a Jimmy Buffet concert. We won’t be at the concert, but because of the concert, we get to hang out at a beautiful farm house. I’m not sure why the psychic world sent me clips of Margaritaville instead of margaritas on an upstate porch…but welcome to my world of weird-wyrd.

Some Witches get glamorous figures from misty realms sharing deep mysteries while they sleep. Not me. Like my waking life, my psychic life carries a hint of dork, but at least I speak the language.

But THIS morning…my psychic vision was very SQUEE.

I dreamed of something a friend said years ago when I got a kitten. “OMG. I JUST DIED OF CUTE.”

While I was drinking my coffee and just waking up…..I get an email about THIS!


Synopsis: Cocoa the Witch Cat is a story about a very special cat that lives with a witch named Melinda in a vine-covered cottage in a forest. One of Cocoa’s jobs is to help Melinda get the special ingredients she needs to cast her spells; Cocoa also helps Melinda with her magic, especially for her very special spells, which sometimes can only be cast when the moon is full. Cocoa helps by wearing a magic witch cat hat and doing a tricky dance as Melinda says her incantations, especially on Halloween, when everything must be just right. Melinda loves and treasures Cocoa, as Cocoa does Melinda, and she rewards Cocoa by giving her a nice big piece of freshly caught fish and a big saucer of warm butter milk, after which Cocoa will sleep by the fireplace, by a nice warm fire on a pillow filled with goose feathers and dream.

Available at Barnes and Noble!

I have one nephew, three surrogate nephews, five godchildren, and about 7,000 friends who are breeding.

I think I know what they’re all getting for Yule this year.