Tarot Tuesday! Each week, I pull single cards for a few random questions at a random point during the day. You have to answer fast when you see me post if you want to get your question answered! Follow me on Twitter or Friend me on FaceBook to play!

9CoinsQuestion 1: Why am I here?
Answer 1: 9 of Coins
9 of Coins speaks to the beauty of the Good Life. It’s about comfort and enjoying life’s blessings. If you are looking for meaning in your life, look no further than the present moment. 9 of Coins also speaks to simplicity. But since it also has a dame with a bird on her hand, I think it warrants looking at the idea of wings–flight, spreading wings, and spicy buffalo wings. I personally think the answer here is that your sole purpose in life is to bring me wings from New London, CT. Get on it.

8CupsQuestion 2: How’s my photography pursuit looking?
Answer 2: 8 of Cups Reversed
8 of Cups is usually about a journey, but not an easy one. The fact that it’s in reverse seems that there’s a stall that’s beyond your control. If business is tough right now, it’s not the fault of your doing, but more of circumstances that can’t be helped. The best plan with 8 of Cups Rev. is to sit still, work and hone the skills, and wait for new doors to open on their own time. It’s not a card of disaster, but a card of being patient and giving life the time it needs to do what needs to be done.

QueencupsQuestion 3: Is there a darkness surrounding me?
Answer 3: Queen of
No, I don’t see darkness. If you’re feeling darkness, it’s likely because of increased sensitivity. The Queen of Cups is a very sensitive soul and when she’s feeling hurt or frightened, she may feel that darkness or scary things are encroaching on her. Be good to yourself and spend your time with gentle people while you’re feeling such a state. This is also a good time for meditation and manifestation work as sensitive people are also often quite psychic and powerful!

These fabulous questions were pulled by the gentlemen at Catland books! Thanks, guys!!! I am still teaching Wicca classes with Catland through the end of the month. Stop in for a spell! Literally. Not punning.