The Internet is bursting with fab Witchy things today. I’m listing my top three favorites–so far!


This is an original by Queenmother Imakhu and it’s available at her online store.



If you forgot to get me a birthday present, it’s not too late!

Witches do lots of things better. Especially parties.

A friend of a friend once said he thought about becoming Wiccan because we throw the best parties. “They I realized it was like becoming Jewish,” he said. “The delis are great, but there’s a lot of work involved in converting to Judaism. And in Wicca, too. So I figured I’d just eat at Jewish delis and go to Witches’ parties, but stay Agnostic.”

He may just be onto something. Check this out: 18th-19th Century Illustrated book on ‘How Witches Party.’ 

Sneak Peek into one of the brilliant images:


Finally, Celtic Folks of Antiquity had some Fancy-Pants Teeth! 

Golden teeth in skeletons of Celtic peoples.


Old timey teeth. Very old. And timey.