madmentarot2_thumbLast night, a Tarot client asked me a good question: “If you saw that I was going to end up unmarried, alone, or unhappy, would you tell me?” 

It’s a VERY good question but fortunately, the Tarot is almost never solely an oracle of bad news. I’ve been reading for almost twenty years (holy crap….almost twenty years…) and the only instances that I’ve seen the Tarot portend terrible-things-to-come happens when the client is in the process of making terrible, terrible choices and they have no interest in changing their ways.

Many years ago, I was reading Tarot at a party. A young, European guy approached me with a smirk on his face. “I saw something about this on television,” he said. “Go ahead. Try me.”

While I don’t remember many of the readings I do, this one continues to ring in my memory. I told him: He wasn’t working because he was given a large sum of money, which he was not using wisely. If he didn’t change his ways soon, he would wake up in a puddle of vomit on the floor and he will have lost everything. Also, he smiles for the world but cries privately and alone. 

AKA: The Wake Up In Your Own Vomit On The Floor card.

10 of Swords AKA: The Wake Up In Your Own Vomit On The Floor card.

The guy stared at me, gaped-mouth. “This isn’t what I saw on television! On television, the reader used all these tricks! You didn’t use those tricks and you still know! How did you know all that???” He got up and ran to the bar to consume as much absinthe as was physically possible. We never spoke again.

He was making bad choices and the Tarot didn’t hold back. So, yes. The Tarot did predict a bad outcome and offered no comforting solutions–probably because he wasn’t open to them.

More often, when the querrent is doing their best at achieving whatever they are seeking and it looks like it’s still heading down a rough road, the Tarot provides more solutions than proclamations of gloom. For example, another client I read for recently asked if she should continue to pursue a guy who showed only lukewarm interest in her. The Tarot said that if she continued to call, text, chase after this dude, the situation with him would only deteriorate. However, if she stopped calling him, love was in her future as it would leave her more opportunities to meet new people.

Hey girl. (This Knight of Cups comes courtesy of Tarot of the Boroughs!)

Hey girl. (This Knight of Cups comes courtesy of Tarot of the Boroughs!)

The problem is that most of us stop at the bad news. What??? THE TAROT THINKS THE GUY WHO ISN’T CALLING ME IS NOT GOING TO SUDDENLY START CALLING ME??? DOES THIS MEAN I’M GOING TO BE ALONE FOREVER???  What we often don’t do is open ourselves to what the Tarot might be suggesting, instead.

We can imagine the Tarot to be like Google Maps on our phones. It will show us the traffic jams ahead, but if we ask it, it will most often show us another route with far fewer red lines. 

So, to answer the question, “Would I tell you if I saw bad news in the Tarot?” Yes, absolutely. But it’s your job to keep listening and not panic. If you’re not flagrantly self-sabotaging, the Tarot will offer an alternative route to your overall happiness.

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