It’s been a wild summer! Between presenting at Harvest Gathering in Connecticut and throwing a fit about ridiculous allegations aimed at the Witchcraft/Wiccan community, plus racing diligently toward my writing deadline for Tarot for One, I woke up this morning trying to remember what I did with summer. I didn’t take one hike or one trip to the beach! This is a crime against myself. But I did get to be on television:

(I do wish I hadn’t forgotten half of my eyebrows.)

IMG_3999I also had a wonderful time in Asheville at Raven and Crone, sharing Brigid with more delightful Southern Witches. I’m now happy to say that you can purchase Tarot of the Boroughs in North Carolina thanks to the wonderful staff at R&C!

If you’re ever in that delicious area of North Carolina, this is a perfect stop for any Witch or the otherwise Magick-curious.




Brigid at Raven and Crone in Asheville!

Okay, last update and then I think you will all have everything you (never) wanted to know about what I’ve been up to:


A new blog on Witches and Pagans, which details my sordid past with admitting the wrong people into my Coven, my sordid past with being on both sides of a clique wall, and my sordid advice about vetting new members in your own Coven. Recently, someone told me they like my W&P blog as it reveals the missteps and human moments of Priestesshood and that I don’t try to revere myself as standing on the shore of Avalon, looking down on all the poor, bored mortals. As much as I may love to see myself robed and Avalon-shored, I’d rather be humorously honest than boringly pompous.

Switch the Unicorn with a sorceress. Never mind. Keep the Unicorn. Lose the ciggy.

Switch the Unicorn with an Avalonian sorceress. Never mind. Keep the Unicorn. Lose the ciggy.

Okay. Making a promise to myself and anyone else reading this blog that I will work harder on keeping this better updated with more useful information than simply talking about what I’m doing when I’m not writing it.

Thanks, as always, for reading! It makes me feel special and loved.