Happy New Year! Get ready for a bloody eclipse…

The first full moon of January is known as “The Wolf Moon,” named for the howling on hungry wolves, searching for prey at the depth of winter. It’s a moon that encourages solitude, reflection, and restoration.

This year’s Wolf Moon (January 21) coincides with a lunar eclipse, giving the moon a blood red appearance in some parts of the world. Some tales say that earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural disasters are more common at a lunar eclipse. (Maybe it’s Mother Earth howling???) Eclipses are a time for inviting change. Read on below for your task list on making the most of this energy!

* Today and tomorrow (Saturday, 1/12): reflect on the change you’d like to make.
* Sunday (1/13): Write on a piece of brown paper what you need to leave your life (clutter, financial insecurity, anger, sorrow, etc). Burn the paper and, standing at your front door, blow the ashes away from your home or building.
* Monday (1/14): Add salt and apple cider vinegar to your bath or shower scrub. As you bathe, know you are washing away what you want to leave you.
* Tuesday (1/15): On a new piece of brown paper, write down your name, and surround it with words describing what you want to bring into your life (money, love, health, peace, etc.).
* Wednesday-Saturday (1/16-1/19): Carry the paper in your left pocket. If you don’t have pockets, carry it in your bag, on your left side.
* Sunday (1/20): Set a red candle on the paper and light it. HOWL!!!! If you can’t howl aloud, howl in your heart. You know you’re good at that.
* Monday (1/21): List all of the blessings in your life (write them down, say them aloud, meditate on them), and offer gratitude to your Spirits, Ancestors, and Higher Power(s). Let them know you are open to more blessings, especially those which you have asked for.

Coco’s notes and announcements!!!!

~ I’m delighted to announce that I am co-hosting a new podcast called “That Witch Life,” available the first and third Mondays of each month. Check out our first episode “What Makes a Witch?”

~ Beginning February 1, new pricing on phone and Skype Tarot readings. 
New rates will be as follows:
30 min reading: $60
45 min reading: $70
60 min reading: $90
Email readings remain the same. If you want to buy a few phone or Skype readings at their current price, they are good for a    year!

~ Lots of classes, including Detroit this month and South Carolina in May 

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