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Magick is all about connection.

Connection to the Earth. Connection to the Metaphysical. Connection to the Universe.

Let me show you how to CONNECT.


Hi! I’m Courtney.

Witch. Writer. Tarot Adviser. Teacher.

I believe in the deep magic that the modern world has forgotten – the inexplicable, the mystical, the beyond comprehension. My passion is making it more accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

I’ve been a practicing Witch since my teens, but if you want to know the truth, I’ve always been one.

I’m a published author, and creator of Tarot of the Boroughs.

Tarot Readings


We all want it.

Whether you have questions about your career, love, direction of your life or something else entirely…

Come see me for a reading.

Each reading examines your path, identifies aiding or detracting influences and explores the tools to fully embrace and execute your life’s direction.

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Thursday Tarot Tips: Exercises To Help Grieving Loved Ones

Thursday Tarot Tips: Exercises To Help Grieving Loved Ones

Hey, did you all see that I was PROFILED on Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady ‘s Ink-Slinger’s Spotlight this week??? I was sooooo excited! Check it out and let me know what you think! Someone you love is grieving. Seeing them in pain is hard. But what do you do? You want...

Yes! There are gifts in grief!

Yes! There are gifts in grief!

Another sneak-peak from my Sacred Tears: A Witch’s Guide To Grief. I promise: this post doesn’t include ANY clichés e.g., ‘that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’…’loss makes us appreciate what we have’….’grief is a sign of having loved’…. NONE OF THAT. Many of...

Thursday Tarot Tips: A Tarot Exercise For Seeking Closure

Thursday Tarot Tips: A Tarot Exercise For Seeking Closure

Closure. Ugh. The desire for closure is a main reason people book Tarot clients readings with me. “Why did they leave?” “Why did they die?” “Will I ever get answers?” and the more direct: “Will I ever get closure?” The closure question makes me cringe, but I also...

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Sacred Tears:
A Witch’s Guide To Grief

When loss leaves you reeling, struggling emotionally and spiritually, Sacred Tears offers support from a Witch’s perspective. Courtney Weber provides guidance as you navigate the grief spiral at your own pace. She reassures you that grief is not only necessary, but sacred, and need not be rushed.

Providing dozens of rituals, prayers, and journal prompts, Courtney meets you where you are and accompanies you through all kinds of grief. She encourages you to incorporate your own spirituality, sharing stories from her experiences that help you cope in your unique way. Learn how to communicate your needs, comfort others who are hurting, and mourn when you can’t get closure. This heartfelt book guides you through something none of us want to endure but all of us will. 

Foreword by Christopher Penczak