Real Magick for Real People.

Magick is all about connection.

Connection to the Earth. Connection to the Metaphysical. Connection to the Universe.

Let me show you how to CONNECT.


Hi! I’m Courtney.

Witch. Writer. Tarot Adviser. Teacher.

I believe in the deep magic that the modern world has forgotten – the inexplicable, the mystical, the beyond comprehension. My passion is making it more accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

I’ve been a practicing Witch since my teens, but if you want to know the truth, I’ve always been one.

I’m a published author, and creator of Tarot of the Boroughs.

Tarot Readings


We all want it.

Whether you have questions about your career, love, direction of your life or something else entirely…

Come see me for a reading.

Each reading examines your path, identifies aiding or detracting influences and explores the tools you have at your dispsoal to fully embrace and execute your life’s direction.

Your reading can be recorded and emailed to you at the end of your appointment upon request!

Please read my Cancellation Policy and Reader’s Code before booking your appointment.


Tarot Readings

Single Question Email Reading $25.00

Single question reading answered by email within 48 hours. After purchasing, please email your question to 

Two Questions Email Reading $40.00

Two questions answered by email within 48 hours. After purchasing, please email your question to
***Please note: both questions must be submitted in the same email***

30 Minute Reading $50.00

Best choice for one-two questions or to follow up on a previous reading. Available by phone or Skype. Favorite of first-time clients! 

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A Spell For Prophetic Dreams: The March New Moon

On March 6th, we'll be enjoying a New Moon in Pisces. Pisces rules the unconscious, which means it's a great time to enhance dreams. New Moons in general, and springtime New Moons in particular, are the perfect time to cast spells for Magickal empowerment. Want to...

A Spell For Inner Peace

Sometimes I have lots of ideas for this blog. But sometimes, I get stuck. That usually means that I need the spell or Magick lesson more than my readers do. It's been a crazy day at the end of a crazy week. We are adjusting to life with a new puppy (which means lots...

Brigid’s Message: A Tarot Spread

February is the season of the Goddess Brigid Her holiday of Imbolc, is celebrated at the beginning of the month--January 31-February 2. Imbolc (meaning "of milk" or "in the belly") was a powerful time for the ancient Celtic people (primarily those in what we now know...

Classes & Appearances

I offer classes in Spellcraft, contemporary Pagan spirituality, Tarot, Ritual Mechanics, Leadership and Coven Management for groups or individuals.

I also offer classes and book talks based on Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess and Tarot for One: The Art of Reading For Yourself.  and my forthcoming book, The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick and Might.

Learn More

Ongoing Classes

Monthly Full Moon Rituals
at Inner Oasis, McMinnville. 

Suggested donation: $20 

Upcoming Events

Mar 16 - Esoterika Lodge No. 227, Portland, OR

*New class!* Deadly Mothers and Nurturing Warriors: Goddesses of the Irish Celts. A talk on Brigid and the Morrigan. Doors at 5pm, talk 5:30-6:30pm. Further information at this link.

Mar 24 - Paganfaire, Portland, OR

I’ll be speaking at this special event at the Oaks Park Historic Dance Hall. Festival is all ages and runs from 11am-5pm. Suggested donation $5 (Free for children under 12). Further information at this link.

Spellcasting Classes Online

Spells are real and they do work

This course will show the components of what makes a spell real and also what makes it effective. Looking at spellcraft through psychological, energetic, spiritual, and magickal lenses—students will complete the course knowing what a good spell takes to make it work and how to avoid pitfalls of spells that can go wrong. 

Get ready for some of the most intense personal and spiritual work you’ve ever done! At the end of just one of these classes, you’ll have that spell loaded and ready for action.

Spellcraft is about making a commitment to yourself and to your immediate world that you are ready for a change.

Tarot of the Boroughs

Tarot of the Boroughs is a full Tarot deck composed of original photography, set in New York City. It replaces the esoteric with the familiar, highlighting the natural Magick in the urban landscape.

Books! Tarot and Pagan Spirituality….

New Release!

Tarot for One:
The Art of Reading for Yourself

Tarot for One includes dozens of original Tarot spreads and layouts, which have been repeatedly proven both fun and effective in my classes and workshops. It also contains tips on finding a deck, honing a Tarot practice, and avoiding common self-reading pitfalls. This is the essential guide for your personal journey with the Tarot.


mother, daughter, healer, bard, warrior, fire goddess, goddess of the oak, animals, and magic

Brigid of the spring, her festival Imbolc, oversees fertility of all kinds. Brigid is many things to many people. In this enticing book, Courtney Weber offers up a wide-ranging exposition and celebration of all things Brigid, who is arguably the most popular figure in Celtic mythology and religion. Meet Brigid in her various incarnations–Celtic Pagan Goddess, Christian Saint, and Voudon Loa.